Bullet PTO Coupler Adapter



Are you tired of not being able to use both hands because you’re having too hold a coupler open while trying to connect your driveline?

Are you tired of wrestling with the weight of your pto shaft while trying to align the splines to make your connection?

How does it work?

The Bullet PTO Coupler Adapter is installed into your implements existing driveshaft female end that would normally be connected to your tractor allowing you to use the Bullet coupler end as your new connecting coupler for your hookups.  Have a look at our Connection Guides for Tractors with free spinning PTO and Tractors with non free spinning/pto brake PTO equipped

Utilizing our Patented coupler technology the Model BC540A Bullet Pto Coupler adapter is  for connecting to 1-3/8” 6 spline 540 RPM,  which will connect to most all tractors up to 150 PTO HP max. If you have any questions regarding fitment for your tractor or implements, please contact us or your dealer prior to purchasing.

The Bullet PTO coupler adapter is held open by the lock/release button so you don’t have too, allowing you to use both hands too make your initial connections.

The full floating jaws and ball detents move out of the way providing an initial smooth bore connection so you can get the driveline in place and line up the splines after without fighting against the weight of the driveline. Save your back!


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Features & Benefits

• Compact single unit construction, no additional components to install
• No specialty installation tools required
• Easily transferred to another piece of equipment
• Allows for use of both hands when making drive-line connections
• Serviceable for easy cleaning
• Easy access for lubrication.
• Perfect companion to your 3 point Quick hitch
• Saves your back!

Some of the Applications:

Grain Augers, Rotary Mowers, Finishing mowers, Balers, Tillers, Snow Blowers and many more.


Warning: The Bullet PTO Coupler Adapter will increase overall length when installed to your existing PTO shaft by approximately 4.25 inches (ball groove to ball detent (ref 2.0) and 5 inches overall from ball groove to face of the coupler (ref 2.1). Always check your pto driveline length prior to use of any adapter as in some cases it may be required to cut your implement pto shaft to proper length to accommodate the additional length added by the adapter. The Bullet coupler when installed will decrease the distance from its spline shaft end to the draw bar hitch hole which may have an operational effect on your pull type equipment drive line angles/geometry and you may be required to adjust your draw bar length (if adjustable) or run a draw bar or hitch extender to keep this distance within the operational parameters and specifications required by your equipment manufacturer. Consult your equipment manufacturer prior to purchasing the Bullet Coupler adapter with your pull type equipment or other equipment to ensure you are able to do so without issue. This coupler is designed for use on rear PTOs only, do not attempt to install or run on any mid or front mounted PTOs. The Bullet PTO coupler adapter must only be rotated clockwise as indicated on the back of the adapter. Do not use in conjunction with another adapter. Read owners manual prior to using.

Weight: approx. 6.72 lbs
Max Diameter: 3.5 inches O.D.
Overall length: 6.5 inches
Max PTO HP rating: up to 150 PTO HP @ 540 RPM

For use on tractors with 540RPM PTO, 1.375″ 6-Spline. Clockwise rotation only (ref 2.2) (when standing at rear of tractor looking at the end of the pto stub shaft on the tractor) For use with only rear mounted PTO *do not use on front or mid point pto*

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 4 in