Model SRS-100 shown here.

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The Simplement Ripper Shank/ Sub Soiler has been designed as a multi-use tool to maximize versatility. Simplement ripper shank offers more adjustability to control depth and utilizes more of the wear parts you need for the job, including having available add on accessories all in one flexible tooling platform.
Whether you are breaking some new ground, loosening compacted dirt, or trenching a water/wire line the Simplement Ripper shank is one tool you will want in your arsenal.
The Simplement ripper shank comes equipped with a 1.25” thick shank with a replaceable wear bar, and is fitted with a grade 2 shear bolt to protect your Simplement receiver when encountering obstructions during use. It also comes standard with its own removable parking stand.
See Spec sheet for more detailed information and stay tuned for more accessories coming soon.

Keep checking back for new accessories and updates on this product!

Simplement Ripper Shank Specifications

Model SRS – 100
Part Number 70003
List Price (CAD) $1,125.00*
Approx. Weight 150 lbs
Overall Height 34in.
King Pin Bolt Torque Min. 500 ft-lbs
Number of Shanks 1
Shank Type 1.25in. Thick
Shank Angle Adjustable
Shear Bolt Size .625 in. x 3.75in.
Working Depth Max of 19in.
Wear Protection 5/8in. Replaceable Wear Bar
Parking Stand Standard
Required Tractor HP Up to 50HP
Recommended Operating Speed 6.5-10km/h (4-6mph)

 *All prices in Canadian dollars. For sales inquiries outside Canada, please contact sales at [email protected] for pricing and availability.